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Interested In Vending At Taste DMV??


Are you the owner of a food or beverage business in the DMV area? Are you a NonFood brand or business looking to increase exposure and grow your brand? Well, look no further than A Taste Of The DMV Food, Music & Cultural Festival. Our festival draws in large crowds of food, vendor mall and music enthusiasts from all over the region, providing a prime opportunity for local vendors to showcase their unique offerings to a broad audience. With our diverse group of festival goers, vendors can expect to reach new customers and create lasting connections with fellow entrepreneurs in the industry.

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Food Truck Owners


Our festival is a unique opportunity to showcase your culinary skills and take your business to the next level. We welcome food and beverage vendors of all types, including local restaurants, food trucks, breweries, and wineries. We’re looking for vendors who are passionate about creating innovative, delicious dishes that represent the diversity of the DMV region. If you’re interested in being a part of this incredible event, don't hesitate to get in touch!



A Taste Of The DMV Food and Music Festival is the premier event in Maryland, DC and Virginia for food, music and shopping. We are proud to bring together vendors of all types and backgrounds to showcase their products and connect with shoppers. From streetwear fashion brands to artisanal jewelry designers, we welcome everyone to take part in this amazing event. We even welcome child vendors who want to experience the excitement of running their own business. Join us for a day filled with amazing food, music and shopping at A Taste Of The DMV Food and Music Festival!

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We cant do this without YOU! Join us for the A Taste Of The DMV Food and Music Festival, the premiere event of its kind in the DMV area! We are currently accepting sponsorship opportunities for our festival. As a sponsor, you will reach a demographic unlike any other, receive extra promotion, and gain many sponsor perks. Our festival showcases the best food and music from the DMV area, attracting foodies and music enthusiasts from near and far. Become a sponsor and be a focal point of this amazing event. Contact us today to learn more!

Reasons to Join the Taste DMV 2024 Vendor Village

Why is vending a great idea?

A Taste Of The DMV Food and Music Festival is the perfect venue for businesses looking to expand their reach and grow their customer base. Our festival offers a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, making it the ideal place to showcase your products and services. As a vendor, you will have access to a large audience of potential customers who are eager to explore new and unique offerings. If you're looking to attract new customers and expand your reach, we encourage you to join us as a vendor at A Taste Of The DMV Food and Music Festival.

Why A Sponsorship?

Sponsoring A Taste Of The DMV Food and Music Festival is an excellent opportunity for vendors to showcase their business and expand their customer base. Participating in a festival like ours allows vendors to get their products or services in front of a large, diverse audience, which can lead to an increase in sales and brand recognition. Additionally, vendors have the opportunity to connect and network with other businesses in the industry, which can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations.



Vending can be a very rewarding experience. Taste DMV provides a safe, hip, fun AND LUCRATIVE atmosphere for our vendors  As well as patrons. We treat our vendors with respect and fairness. We host events that draw so many different types of people. All income levels , walks of life and age ranges. Why not vend at an amazing event?!?



Network with other business owners!!! Meet different businesses in your community and beyond. Find a collaboration in the making at one of our festivals. Learn different skills and get great advice from fellow professionals. 

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EXPOSURE!!! Grow your Social Media Following. Expand Your Email List Database FACE TO FACE.

You need to be seen and heard in todays business scene.
Everyone knows that these days, social media plays a huge part in driving business awareness and SALES. At Taste DMV you will come into contact with thousands of people. Meet people face to face and really connect. Sign people up for your email/contact lists and grow your social media followers. There’s no better way to grow, then organically!!


Budding Entrepreneurs

We have a area for vemdors Under 18!! Does your child want to vend at an event? Do they have a small business? Please feel free to email us or apply!!! We provide a safe space for budding Entrepreneurs.

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NEW DEMOGRAPHIC! Gain Experience! Talk to and pitch your business or product to many new faces.

Meet people from all around the DMV Area. Different interests, age groups and lifestyles all intersect in one place. Meet a new group of followers or customers you never knew you could reach! Learning to sell your product is the MOST important part of your marketing Strategy. Possibly even your business. Come and meet people and talk to them. Find out what your potential customers are looking for. 

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Make Money And Have Fun!

Vending Application Below

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